I was born in Palestine, in 1935, at a time of conflicting forces for the future control and governance of the country. As a consequence, I witnessed and experienced events that touched the deepest core of my being, which have shaped me in an essential way. I therefore felt it is incumbent upon me to record them for posterity lest they fade away with me.

By 1996, I began to jot down sketchy miscellaneous notes towards that end. Late in 1997, I began somewhat systematically channeling and formalizing my effort. Here is what I wrote on December 27, 1997:

I am about to start the process of recalling how things in my past came to be. I hope in so doing to bring out some of the major events and challenges that came my way, and how they bear on ‘who I am’. How I dealt with them, sometimes successfully, other times not so successfully, might be of interest or even help to somebody wrestling with potent events or challenges in his/her own life. Should this turn out to be the case, this narrative would not be in vain, and I would be eternally gratified.

 The published product is the result of my efforts, over many years, to put the story in a coherent form, so that readers of a wide range of backgrounds can read and appreciate.